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Attention Single Women Who Are Done With Dating Drama

And Wondering When Your Search For THE ONE Will Be Done…


As a single woman who’d experienced every kind of bad relationship possible (abusive sociopath boyfriend at 22, passionless relationship at 27, addict/workaholic boyfriend at 30, and then a long string of dead end dating with guys who were 100% wrong for me, I finally discovered a simple 5 step solution that put an end to my dating drama and helped me meet my husband within two months. You, too, can enjoy these amazing results when you implement my simple 5 step solution!

Dear Single and Fabulous Woman,

If you've ever wondered when your search for The One will be done and when Mr. Right will finally show up, this may be one of the most important things you ever read…

What Every Happily Married Woman Knows:
Every woman who has ever broken free from dating drama and manifested her perfect partner knows that meeting Mr. Right has very little to do with your age, your weight, or how often you date.

I know women who didn’t meet their husbands until they were in their 50s -- and they were so glad they waited for the right guy!

I know women who after 10 years of not having 1 single date met and fell in love with the first man they dated – because he was Mr. Right!

I know women who, after spending years feeling hung up on their ex, magically made the decision to let him go, and met their perfect partner within a few weeks!

You may think you've been doing everything right to meet Mr. Right, but the fact that he hasn't shown up yet tells me you're wrong.

That doesn't mean you're a bad person.

That doesn't mean you're a failure at love.

That doesn't mean true love will always be out of reach for you.

Believe it or not, you're NOT inherently flawed because you're single.

You may just need to unlock the secrets to STOP being single.

The truth is, you probably think you know why you're still single. And yet, I'm betting you're wrong.

And that's the good news. I want to show you how to be right.

I want to teach you what every married woman knows about how she met her husband.

I want to show YOU how to meet YOUR husband.

The truth is, it's easy.

Once you start implementing my five simple steps to relationship success, that is!

Here’s the story: Six years ago I took a bold leap. I walked away from my lucrative job in corporate America, finally put an end to my dead-end relationship with a man I’d met and fallen in love with at work, cashed in my 401(k), moved out of my luxury condo, and reinvented my life.

The truth was, I couldn't go on another day the way things were.

I couldn't continue sleeping with my ex, dating and repelling other really wonderful, nice men, watching my ex date other women, and show up for work every day knowing that my new and demanding boss would once again make my life a living hell.

Oh, and did I mention I had to see my ex every day at work?

And did I mention that I developed painful tendinitis in my arms that made being a writer in corporate America practically impossible?

I kept thinking I had hit rock bottom and yet every time I reconnected with my ex or put up with my boss’ crap, I discovered new layers and levels for me to plummet to.

And while I desperately wanted my old life back with the man I loved and the job I loved, it was no longer an option.

I could no longer sleep with my ex without abandoning myself.

I could no longer do my job without hurting my body.

I could no longer live in my condo in the married with children suburbs without shaming and blaming myself for being single.

And so I quit my job.

I also told my ex to never call me again.

I thought leaving my job was enough. It wasn't.

I thought telling my ex to never call again and ignoring his calls was enough. It wasn't.

After months of unemployment and feeling terrified that I'd never work or love again, I ran out of money.

Still in pain from the tendonitis, I tried going back to a corporate job, but it was physically impossible.

Feeling like a failure, I had no choice but to move out of and rent out my condo.

I moved in with friends, sleeping on a blowup mattress on their living room floor.

At 35, this wasn't exactly the life I had planned for myself. I was single, homeless, and unemployed. What man would want me now?

Then something miraculous happened.

Free from the burdens of my job, my ex, and my condo, I started to feel happy again.

I started to love my life again.

I started getting freelance work, and shopping a book about my Big Breakup around to agents and publishers. (With the help of some fabulous voice software!)

And I started attracting men like crazy. 
Not just any men. Interesting, intelligent, successful, available men.

how to meet your husband  cute guy  how to meet your husband  

Men who wrote for TV shows.

Men who volunteered to help clean up after Katrina.

Men who had good jobs, were emotionally available, and were interested in getting to know ME.

I’d spent years thinking I was too fat to find love.

I’d spent months worrying that being homeless and unemployed made me unattractive.

I'd spent a lifetime thinking love had to be difficult, painful, unfulfilling, and hard.

Yet here I was, homeless, unemployed, and talking to my computer, and men found me irresistible. Not because I was homeless, unemployed, and dealing with a disability. But because I was reinventing myself, loving my life, and pursuing my passion of building a freelance writing career and writing a book in spite of the odds stacked against me.

And then one day I met my husband. He just happened to be the well-dressed, well spoken, 22-year-old looking guy at the table next to me and my girlfriend at the bar we were at one hot Saturday night in August.

Initially, I thought he was too young (turns out he was only 5 years younger and spoke like a wise old man).

As we started talking, there was a familiarity. We clicked. And by the end of the night when he asked for my number, I couldn't wait for him to call.

When he called me the next day, I appreciated that he wasn't playing games. And on our first date, my gut instinct told me he was somebody really special. It was up to me to get to know him and not screw it up.

Five years later, I'm still thankful I didn't screw it up.

Three years ago, my husband proposed.

And on September 27, 2008, I walked down the aisle in my fiery red wedding dress, and exchanged vows with my husband.

This is me and my husband, minutes after exhancing our "I Do's" 2 years ago.


Two years later, I’m still giving thanks every day for this man. He is my rock, he rocks my world, and he encourages me to live my life to the fullest.

In return, I do the same for him.

Our marriage is my miracle. My greatest gift. And I cherish it every day.

My story is not unique. My journey is not uncommon. And how I met my husband is NOT haphazard.

Knowing what I know now, here's what I have for you: I have identified the five most essential steps I took the summer I met my husband that manifested him in record time.

After years of dating drama, attracting all the wrong men and repelling all the right ones, I have identified the five most important steps I took on my journey away from the pain and disappointment of my past into my hopeful happily ever after journey.

I've shared these five steps with my single women clients. And when they successfully implement all five steps, they instantly become a man magnet, and manifest Mr. Right in record time.

Here's why this is important to your life right now: After testing, tweaking, and implementing, I know how powerful and valuable my five step system really is.

I know that when you unlock my secrets and implement these 5 steps into your own search for Mr. Right, you can meet your husband in record time.

I've compiled everything I’ve learned for myself and taught single women over the last five years into one information-packed, results oriented e-book for you.

And I’m calling it How to Meet Your Husband: Unlock the 5 Essential Secrets to STOP Attracting Jerks, Get Out Of Your Dating Desert, and Manifest Mr. Right.

When you implement my five success strategies, you will instantly break free of your limiting beliefs about what's possible for you in life and love and become an irresistible man magnet.

Free from self sabotage, deep-seated fears and insecurities, and the belief that love is only for other, luckier women, you will finally understand what it takes to meet Mr. Right. And when you implement my 5 easy steps, you will experience these incredible results for yourself.

You don’t have to lose 50 pounds to find love.

You don’t have to move to a more target rich city to find love.

You don’t have to miraculously turn back the clock to when you were 25 to find love.

You just have to be YOU. How fabulous is that?!

Here’s just a taste of the valuable information you’re about to unlock in my e-book:

The REAL reasons you want to be married and how to get even clearer about the man who will make you a blissfully happy wife
The important distinctions between a mediocre marriage and a healthy, happy loving relationship

Who or what is REALLY holding you back from meeting your husband

The payoffs your subconscious may be using against you that are keeping you single

Who’s happily ever after future you’re REALLY focused on – yours or your ex’s (and how this can affect your search for Mr. Right)

The most common deep seated secrets that keep you single
The 7 most common silent agreements that keep single women bound and gagged (and perpetually SINGLE)

How to relinquish your need to be right all the time and instead embrace happiness

How to look for and celebrate good men every day

How to break free of ANY limiting belief about what’s possible for you in life and love so you can set the scene for relationship success

How to redefine what love looks and feels like so you can attract it easily and effortlessly

Why it really IS better to be single than sorry until you meet Mr. Right

How to STOP waiting around for men to choose you and become The Chooser

The ideal target rich environments to meet your perfect partner

The 10 common interests you and your husband must share

60 ways to meet Mr. Right, starting TODAY

The differences between Mr. Wrong, Mr. Next, and Mr. Right

How to forever change your love future

YES! I’m 100% ready to meet my husband!

how to meet your husband


My e-book is delivered to you via e-mail within minutes of ordering it. In addition to the e-book, there is a powerful meditation which will guide you on a visual journey towards meeting your husband. Once you've read the e-book and listened to the meditation, you will have everything you need to meet Mr. Right in record time.

Listen to what people are already saying about my five step How to Meet Your Husband formula:

“I spent 10 years thinking that I wasn’t pretty enough, thin enough, or young enough to meet men. I was so wrong! What Lisa taught me is that all I have to do is believe love is possible, change my behavior, and consistently connect to the kind of love I deserve. My amazing boyfriend and I just celebrated our 6 month anniversary. Thanks, Lisa!” -

Katie, Los Angeles
“How to Meet Your Husband will help you envision and find the One so that you can create the marriage of your dreams! Get this book now and make it part of your strategy for love success! 

 - Diana Kirschner, Ph.D.,
author of the bestselling Love in 90 Days:  The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love

In just five easy steps, you can go from hopeless and frustrated to hopeful and excited about your love future.

With the information I share in my e-book, you'll stop wasting time dating the wrong guys, and instead only manifest the right ones. Then it's up to you to choose who you want to date and fall in love with.

BONUSES: Along with my How to Meet Your Husband e-book, you'll also get 
these incredible bonuses as my gift to you:

Bonus #1:
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Bonus #3:
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PLUS, Marni and’s Briddick Webb want YOU to attract the love you deserve. In this 17 page special report, you’ll get proven approach techniques that’ll have YOU attracting your man with class.

The truth is, only you can know if my e-book is right for you.

When you unlock my five simple secrets to manifesting love, you can meet your husband in record time. It really is that simple. But you need to be the judge of that.

Are you ready to change your love future?

Here's the bottom line: There are lots of people out there vying for your attention and wanting to sell you something about how to meet men. Some of them are legitimate. Some of them aren't.

As someone who has published three popular relationship books, coached hundreds of women, advised thousands more, and discovered my very own happily ever after story with my husband, I hope you'll put your trust in me and my five step formula.

Let's be clear. My five step formula won't work unless you implement the steps.

So if you're NOT really ready to do what it takes to meet your perfect partner, don't waste your money.

However, if you ARE really ready to be done with dating drama and manifest the love of your life, I invite you to step forward, take action, and invest in your happily ever after future today.

Finding the love of your life is a priceless value. And I'm happy to offer my five step formula in my e-book for just $20.

Keep in mind as more and more single women unlock these five secrets, start implementing, and meet their husbands, I may decide to raise the price of this information.

I would hate for you to miss out.

Here's what to do right now: Click the button below, enter your credit card information and rest assured that within minutes, you'll receive a download link with secure password via e-mail. You can then download my e-book and begin discovering and implementing my five step formula for manifesting Mr. Right. It's that easy!

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Today’s Price: $20

Here's to YOUR happily ever after future!


Lisa Steadman


P.S. I almost forgot, as an added bonus, you will receive access to a very exclusive teleseminar that will be open only to women who purchase this my e-book and my private coaching clients. The teleseminar will focus on walking you through my 5 step process and implementing my tools in your daily life. This exclusive teleseminar will only be available to the first 25 people that take advantage of this opportunity to make sure that the 5 steps are not given to too many people – keeping them ‘under wraps’ gives the women who implement them a mystique around men, and ensures your success in magnetizing your husband to you. So, don’t wait and miss your chance for this special bonus. Sign up now!

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